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Expertise. Experience. Ingenuity.

At Avenaut Consulting we recognise that quality software is of little value to the client unless it is backed up by effective support.
Avenaut Consulting has invested heavily in developing skills in several key areas of business software. We have an ongoing commitment to maintaining and adding to our skill sets so that we maintain our position at the forefront of new technologies. It is this expertise, which is of particular value to our clients. We are committed to providing support services that enable our clients to best possible outcomes from their investment.

Implementation Planning


The first and fundamental step of a successful partnership is an understanding of the needs of our client. We work with you to analyse your needs and then develop a solution, which often goes beyond simply replacing an existing piece of software. We will then develop an implementation plan that will minimise staff disruption and maximise the benefits to your organisation..


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Meeting the Staff
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