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You should be using scanners in your warehouse – here are 6 reasons why

Inventory Management

Technology that used to be available only to huge companies has now filtered down to the SMB market. Many businesses are starting to take advantage of the advancement of mobile scanners and the real positive effects it can have on their business and their bottom line.

Mobile phones, tablets, mobile scanners, and their associated software applications are revolutionising the way businesses operate around the world. Your business becomes more efficient, more accurate and you even reduce your carbon footprint.

Here we give you six of the big benefits of using state-of-the-art software and wireless technology mobile technology. Plus the ways it will enhance your warehouse operations and improve your business dramatically.

1. More efficient

Mobile apps improve warehouse operations by reducing the time it takes to pick an order. For example, Triumph ERP software, Paperless Picking module guides the user around the warehouse in the most efficient path to each product on the order – so your staff pick orders quicker, making warehouse operations much more efficient.

2. More accurate

Mobile tech also improves the accuracy of picking orders. Our Paperless Picking module displays products on the screen with their bin location, code, description and picture - so staff pick the correct stock. You can even force a barcode to be scanned before it can be picked, thus eliminating 99% of picking errors.

3. Allows unfamiliar staff to pick orders

We talked above about being efficient - what’s more the picker does not need the same level of in-depth knowledge they require with a paper-based system. Which means new staff get up to speed a lot quicker picking autonomously, and gives you the flexibility to put on casual staff during peak or seasonal periods.

4. Improve customer satisfaction

We talked about accuracy right? So how does that increase customer satisfaction? It means that Brian, your customer, gets the ZZ1R3 and not the ZX1R3 – small thing to your picker, but not to Brian. Brian gets the correct order and gets it faster. As your mobile tech integrates with your inventory database your customers can see immediate and accurate stock levels - again customer expectations and therefore satisfaction being exceeded as they see what they want, you have!

5. Reduce costs

Efficient picking means less labour hours spent on the warehouse floor. Accurate picking means less customer service hours dealing with negative customer feedback. You know that when you go to re-order, you are re-ordering what has gone out – so you are not over or understocking the right inventory.

6. Better for the environment

Less paper in the warehouse will reduce your business’ carbon footprint. As its name suggests, Triumph’s Paperless Picking module completely removes all paper from the picking process. This means not only does the company save on printing costs, but it’s better for the environment too.

Mobile technology can operate on handheld mobile scanners, but can also be used with smart phones both seamlessly linking together offering whole-of-enterprise approach that helps you to monitor, control and automate processes within your business.

If you would like to know more and book a free appointment to discuss any of the above, please contact us using the links below.

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