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Six Functions To Make Job Quoting Easier

Quoting for a Job can require a lot of work, and be pretty in depth, especially if it's a high value one. Triumph ERP’s Job Quoting module saves you time and money by allowing you to build a quote, and then flex it so that you can build in the return you need to see on that job. It is the easy way to quote for work, transform the quote into a job, and keep track of all material, labour and sub-contractor costs and charges. These are the six functions of the Job Quoting Module that will save you hours of work and will making quoting accurate and timely.

Preconfigured quote templates

You and your staff have the option to prepare a detailed quote from an existing recipe / template or start a unique quote from scratch.

Starting a quote from an existing quote saves you masses of time as the bulk of the work has already been done for you. Quote templates are best for jobs that you complete on a regular basis - or it may be a job you have done historically and can tweak for a new quote.

Easily changing mark-up percentage

The Job Quote module breaks down individual costs.

You can itemise

  • internal materials

  • external materials

  • internal labour

  • external labour

  • overheads

that are required to complete a job. These individual costs are totalled to indicate the overall cost of the job.

For each job, you view the final quote as a dollar figure or a margin percentage. If the job margin is too high or low, you can simply change the mark-up percentage to meet the desired rate. The system will then reprice the individual costs to meet the new margin.

However, certain costs in a job can’t be repriced as the price has already been confirmed. So to block the effects of the percentage mark-up, individual costs can be locked at a certain price. For example, internal labour can be locked at $100 per hour.

That's powerful!

Pre-quote jobs

In certain environments, a degree of work is required before a quote can be complete. This may include spending a day or two assessing equipment or a job to determine an accurate quote. For these situations, the Job Quoting module allows you to create a job that records the work and time spent creating the quote. This is called a pre-quote job.

If you succeed with the job, you can include the recorded pre-quote job in the quote to create a realistic picture of the job's cost. If you don’t win the job, you can bill the hours spent preparing the quotation from the pre-quote job to the client.

Interfacing with time clock

The Job Quote module integrates with the Triumph ERP's Time Clock to accurately record labour against the job.

Predefined descriptions of the work allow employees to view what tasks have been completed within a job and what tasks still need to be finished. Not only does this save you time and effort, it’s also extremely accurate. This transparency of being able to examine the progress of the job will keep employees on track, on time, and on budget.

Customisable Business Forms

Job quoting has a number of standard documents, or business forms, that can be emailed or printed as required. They are designed to make your workflow easier and more streamline.

These included a Supplier Request for Quotation (so you can complete your quote), the final Customer Quote, and a Job Worksheet. All these business forms are totally customisable to suit your particular business needs and operation.

Raising Purchase Requisitions and Reserving Stock

When a quote is successful and you get the job, Triumph will automatically reserve internal stock as required and also raise a purchase order via it's purchasing requitision module for the shortfall, i.e. external materials, subcontract labour or other purchases.

No rekeying of lines as the purchase orders are populated with details from the Job Quote. These purchase requisition lines can then be turned into supplier purchase orders at the push of a button, as and when required.

So, you never need to remember what and when to order, or if you’re using/selling stock reserved for another job. And when the goods do arrive, the system will let you know which Job they are for.

If you would like more information on Triumph ERP Job Quoting Module, book a free appointment to discuss any of the above contact me directly,

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